What if ?

Have you ever had 'what if?' moments? I think if we are human, all of us would have had at least at one time or another such moments. There may have been missed opportunities such as 'What if I had asked her out on a date instead of remaining passive?' 'What if I had accepted to attend that school or job instead of the one I did choose?' 'What if I had said 'yes' to that marriage proposal... then I would be married now!' There are many what ifs.

But how about the 'what if' after a failure? When you failed to pass the test for the school you wanted to attend? When your mentor dismissed you as his student ... When your proposal was rejected ... When you failed morally in you life? What happened then, and especially, afterwards? Did your life become wasted and start to fritter away? Did you lose confidence and the drive to recuperate and ameliorate the situation? What if you didn't pick up the pieces and try again?

Well, remember. We are all failures. That's nothing new! Only because of Jesus do we amount to anything. If there be anything worthwhile and successful in our lives, it is because of what Jesus has done in me and through me. So, what must I do? Keep on rebounding back. Don't be concerned about how many times you have fallen or how dreadful it was. Just remember that without Jesus, we were nothing anyhow, but we can do all things in Him who strengthens us...

Pastor's Letter - pastor Moon
The New Harvest Ministry of Sarang Community Church
weekly Bulletin, July 27, 2003
picture is from El Calten, Agrentina

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