2004-08-14 03:31:34

Bog Min,
I recieved your post card yesterday. Thank you for thinking about me. I miss you very much. I am glad that God provides people for you along your journey. I am glad there were Koreans for you to tour with. That is my biggest prayer concerning you. That you will not be alone often, that people keep coming on your path.
I am so excited about you being here so soon. I hope you are entertained while you are here. We can do lots of fun things that people do in the south. I am glad there are so many people that you can see at all the places. Depending on my job, I may be able to meet you in Miami. My close friend has moved down there and would love for me to visit. It depends if I can get out of work.
I am excited to see your photos when you come of all your travels. And I can not even imagine all of the stories you have to tell.
I am still looking for a job. And Bob and I are still working on the wedding plans. We have to set a date. And a place.
I wish I had the dreams that you have. I would love to see everyone again even if it was in my dreams.
Please keep writing about all your experiences.
Bye my dear, dear friend!!!
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